About me

I am a clinical psychologist and I work with adults. My work is based on psychoanalytic ideas where  unconscious life gets a fundamental place. All feelings, experiencies, perception and probably all things in life have their reasons which are not always consciously known. Probably we will never  know all of them (we even should not); however, some of them can become known to us. This newly learnt part helps to understand one‘s feelings, reasons for some things happening or repeating, some relationships starting or ending or just helps to realise that the perception of life is based more on one‘s feelings than on objective facts and environment. I believe that namely this understanding gives a person happiness and a greater freedom from one’s own conflicts.

I believe that knowing more about yourself, which means also about the world, makes the world meaningful and ineteresting. It helps a person to choose more freely, to see opportunities, and to live through difficulties more easily.

With this perception of life I became interested in psychoanalysis and in 2015 I started to study clinical psychoanalysis as recognized by International Psychoanalysis Association, that is, I became a psychoanalysis candidate.



Mobile No. 867152034

E-mail ula@psikonsultacijos.lt



– Individual psychotherapy

– Psychoanalysis (conducted under the supervisor‘s guidance)

– Psychological counceling

I work with psychological crises, relationship difficulties, personality, psychosomatic, mood, anxiety disorders.

Difficulties dealt with in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and counceling can be the same, rather it is the way they are dealt with and the change that differs.


Sessions can be held in lihuanian, english.